Objects used and handled during everyday routines become familiar and comfortable. Functional tableware is an integral part of the routine and pottery can serve a warm and welcoming part.

2 Shino Tea BowlsMy work begins on the porter's wheel. Porcelain is my first choice for a clay body. It has a silky touch while being turned and can be finished to the softest, smoothest surface. Texture is then achieved with various ribs, carving tools , hand made stamps or found objects. The work is then bisque fired to make it strong enough to handle and glaze. Once the glaze is applied and decoration is complete, the ware is fired a second time in either a soda or gas kiln using a reduction atmosphere. Japanese Shino and Celadon glazes are used on most of my tableware. The whiteness of the clay body allows the glaze colors to shine. the Sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic variations in these glazes make each individual piece unique.

My work is influenced by many factors, especially world cultures, human movement and living in a state so exceptionally rich in pottery history. I plan to continue to refine my techniques and experiment with new ideas, in hopes that my work will continue to evolve through clay's infinite potential.